Trump Prosecutes Hillary

Democrats are pointing out that Donald Trump is reneging on his promise that ‘if elected’ he would prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling of classified documents by having a private email server. Some Republicans agree with them. Some Republicans are content to let the matter go.

I think that Donald Trump has already successfully indicted, tried and convicted Hillary Clinton. And the American voter was the jury. Over the last few months of the Presidential race, Donald has had Hillary on trial.  Hillary’s’ first defense was to plead innocent. That didn’t work too well. The facts slowly came out that she did do it. Her next strategy was to plead ignorance. She even got the directory of the FBI to go on national television and declare that Hillary Clinton was too dumb to know that she had broken the law. This really didn’t sit well with the jury at the time. Towards the end of the race, it was Hillary’s final defense to ignore it. She just pretended that it wasn’t an issue. But the jury didn’t ignore it. On Election Day, the people overwhelmingly convicted Hillary Clinton of mishandling our secret documents;

Should we drag this embarrassment out in front of the world for months on end? Or, should we do what President Elect Donald Trump suggests and set the matter aside. Hillary is paying a huge price for her decision to mishandle our secrets. Anyway, President Obama would pardon her before he leaves office. Just remember that President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon for the good of the country, and that was also the right thing to do

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