Buzzfeed Publishes Fake Dossier

What can one say about a so called ‘news organization’ that publishes innuendos with a warning that they have not verified anything. Is the warning a pass that lets them trample on individuals, at will, with no fear of reprisals? I should hope not. The best that can be said is that Buzzfeed is just another fake news site. CNN, who only published the fact that Buzzfeed had published the document, is just as bad.  They both should be ashamed of themselves as journalists and as news organizations as a whole. Because of their careless, incompetent action in presenting this so called dossier; Those who wanted to hear dirt about President Elect Donald Trump will swear that it is true no matter what evidence to the contrary. They will go to their graves believing that the article is true. And that is really sad. I would very much like to see Mr. Trump file a lawsuit against both of these companies. It would be great  to see a hundred million dollar judgment just because it would slow this kind of behavior down.

We need to see Freedom of the Press be reinstated to the dignity it once had before this group of America Haters took it over. Freedom of the Press is not a free pass to do anything to anyone. Someone once said that Freedom of the Press is necessary for a healthy republic.  We need responsible, honest, well trained journalist to help us make decisions that will ultimately decide the fate of our country. After all, we the people are the government.

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