The Second Civil War


I wanted to write about a different view of the “Women’s March”. There were the videos of Madonna wanting to ‘blow-up the Whitehouse’ and Ashley Judd maligning the President of the United States of America, while the crowd cheers and applauds. I saw images of small children holding F…. Trump signs. In short, I saw for the first time in my life, a non peaceful transition of power.

What I saw was the beginning shots of the second Civil War. This was a battle ground just as real as Fort Sumter or Gettysburg. This revolution will be fought without bullets; TV, Cable and Newspapers will be the preferred weapons. And the casualties will be the American way of life. The Generals will be News Commentators like Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow. This Civil War will not be about States’ Rights, like the first, but about Globalism. The question will be resolved: “Should the United States and all other nations surrender their sovereignty so that all countries will be equal”. In a global world there is no war, or famine, or poverty. All the people of the world will share the worlds’ abundance equally. Globalist will have won when the Conservative American is defeated.

The first victim of this war is Journalism. Journalism is both a learned craft and an art form, a marriage between intense training and moral obligations. A true journalist goes to every story with his or hers set of experiences, biases and prejudices, but they are able to see both sides of an issue and report on the facts: letting the reader reach their own conclusion.

Journalism is being replaced with Propaganda. Propaganda is the preferred tool of globalist. The propagandist simply makes the news fit neatly into whatever suits their agenda. Of course, all propaganda has some truth. A good example of propaganda is the Russian Dossier on Donald Trump. It was widely circulated and most Journalists ignored it because there was no way to prove or disprove it. The Propaganda website BuzzFeed published it with the caveat that they wanted their readers to make up their own minds whether or not it was true. Once published, other media outlets published that it was published. The propagandist won. There is no way to erase the damage that was done to President Trump.

Here is what the globalist has done for the United States.

  • Sent our factories overseas so that millions of skilled workers are unemployed.
  • Created an education system that costs more than any other in the world and is unable to create a student that can go from high school graduation to a job at Wal-Mart.
  • Flooded our shores with immigrants whom we have to take care of with our meager resources.
  • Created Trillions of dollars of debt.
  • Taxed us at one of the highest rates in the world.
  • Divided us.

The only sure way to overcome propaganda is to do our own research. Aside from that the typical person is just a pawn of the propaganda machine. And we the people will lose this war.



Buzzfeed Publishes Fake Dossier

What can one say about a so called ‘news organization’ that publishes innuendos with a warning that they have not verified anything. Is the warning a pass that lets them trample on individuals, at will, with no fear of reprisals? I should hope not. The best that can be said is that Buzzfeed is just another fake news site. CNN, who only published the fact that Buzzfeed had published the document, is just as bad.  They both should be ashamed of themselves as journalists and as news organizations as a whole. Because of their careless, incompetent action in presenting this so called dossier; Those who wanted to hear dirt about President Elect Donald Trump will swear that it is true no matter what evidence to the contrary. They will go to their graves believing that the article is true. And that is really sad. I would very much like to see Mr. Trump file a lawsuit against both of these companies. It would be great  to see a hundred million dollar judgment just because it would slow this kind of behavior down.

We need to see Freedom of the Press be reinstated to the dignity it once had before this group of America Haters took it over. Freedom of the Press is not a free pass to do anything to anyone. Someone once said that Freedom of the Press is necessary for a healthy republic.  We need responsible, honest, well trained journalist to help us make decisions that will ultimately decide the fate of our country. After all, we the people are the government.